I know it: Heart Rate Monitor and Me – Blogger

There are days when I doubt myself, these are the worst. I am more irritated I look at everything and everyone negatively and I can only see my flaws. I know it’s not easy to start believing in yourself or to believe you can achieve your fitness goals especially if you have let go of living healthy or maybe never really given it a try. Initially it does feel like an impossible task but it’s manageable with the right attitude..

I remember there used to be days when I would miss my workout or when I was not able to control my food intake I would feel miserable, I would hate myself…I would feel I just didn’t have it in me. I know people who will give up the minute they feel they can’t handle it. Some don’t start because in their mind they will never be able to run or fit in a certain dress/pant size. I belonged to the second category I just did not believe I could ever do it for a long time.
Even now when I am a lot healthier than what I used to be there are days when I doubt myself, some days I feel I am doing it all wrong and I will never reach my fitness goals and this single thought is capable of making my journey so much harder that’s when I remind myself it’s all in my hands, if I put in the effort I will get there and I start again…
Weightloss/Fitness is about giving yourself the time to improve
It is about forgiving yourself if you go off track
It is about getting up after failures and being ready to start again
It is about not giving up and moving forward
It is about believing in yourself, believing that you can do it.
These are few things I keep reminding myself on bad days….what do you do? How do you move through days when you think you can’t make it? How to stop yourself from giving up?


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